Play underwater hockey with us in South East London. We welcome players of all abilities including absolute beginners.

We meet every Friday evening at 7.45 in the lobby of Forest Hill Pools

Although thousands of people play underwater hockey all over the world many people haven’t heard of it. We have made a short video of one of our games to introduce you to our sport. Underwater hockey is easy to learn and you will be able to join a game after a short training session.

New members are always welcome and if you would like a free “have-a-go” session then please contact us using the form below – or just turn up on a Friday evening!

Book a have-a-go session

Beginners are very welcome and should book using the form below. Experienced players and members of the BOA are always welcome to play as guests and don’t need to book. Just send an email to so that we know to expect you.

We are taking bookings again!

Book a have-a-go session

If you have any questions that you would like to ask before booking check out our FAQ or  just give James a call on 07989 381331. We are here to help!

Children under 16 are welcome if their parents are in the pool with them. We have had lots of mums and dads learn with their kids.

If you have questions about this just call James on 07989 381331.

Have you played before?

Just book below – we look forward to meeting you!

Do you have your own mask, fins and snorkel?
We have kit you can borrow.
This does not have to be exact – we have lots of sizes available.
in case of questions or pool closures etc.

Booking update – 7th February 2024

The club is now full for absolute beginners and we have suspended have-a-go bookings for now. We would love to meet you in future. Why not sign-up to our wait list?

We will contact you as soon as have-a-go spaces are available.


Come find us


Forest Hill Pools, Dartmouth Rd, SE23 3HZ

Buses: 122, 185, 356, 176, 197

Rail: Southern (London Bridge line) or Overground (Highbury & Islington line)


Alan Quarterman: 07948 706112

James Bayley: 07989 381331


We answer the most common questions here and if that is all you need then book a free have-a-go session by clicking here. If you need anymore information just call James on 07989 381331.


Underwater hockey is a hockey-like game played between two teams of 6 players on the floor of a swimming pool. The players try to push a lead puck into the opposing team’s goal. It is a non-contact sport although inevitably the most active players may bump into each other.

Players wear a mask, fins and snorkel and some protective equipment.

Underwater hockey is simply great fun. A great comparison is 5-a-side football but the big difference is that older players are not at a massive disadvantage because even young people have to surface to breath! We are friendly club and our motto is “Have fun, make friends, get fit”.

Yes. We are all good friends and after a game many players adjourn to the local Chinese restaurant for tea and snacks. You are welcome to join us.

We play every Friday at Forest Hill Pools between 8pm and 9pm.

We only accept children under 16 years old if their parents are in the pool learning with them. The club started when a dad was looking for an activity for his daughter to do for Duke of Edinburgh and they both played.

No! Our members include young fit people and older people with a range of chronic conditions. We all play in the same game.


Your first session is always free. Subsequent sessions are £8 for adults and £4 for children.

You can buy top quality kit for less than £80 and often much less. Have a look a our kit page for more details. We have a small amount club kit that have-a-go players and new members are welcome to use until they get their own.

New members will be expected to join the British Octopush Association which is the sport’s governing body. This is about £30 for adults and less for children.

Have-a-go sessions

When you arrive simply tell the receptionist that you are here for underwater hockey and they will wave you through.

Please allow enough time to get changed and kit up before 8pm. Have-a-go participants should be on the poolside no later than 7.50pm.

Yes. Confident swimmers can usually learn to snorkel in a less than an hour. Teenagers sometimes take about 10 minutes!

Yes. The club has range of second hand and discarded kit that you can borrow until you buy your own.

British Octopush Association

The BOA is the managing body for Underwater Hockey in the UK. Corporate and personal memberships are a requirement of booking the pool. Once you start playing with us regularly (~4 times) you must become a member of the BOA.

Go to and specify LUWHC as your club and make the required payment (~£30 in 2024). The club officers (James, Alan, Graeme) will be told when your application is approved. All subsequent renewals will be made by the club in October of each year and the club will collect the appropriate fee from you at that time.

Button to have a go session with pemail

Where to buy kit

The club has a wide variety of old kit that beginners can borrow if they don’t have their own but most people will buy their own kit because it is much more comfortable and reliable.

Here is a list of the kit you will need,

Mask, Fins and Snorkel

Many players have a mask, fins and snorkel from previous snorkelling or diving activities but if you don’t then these items are cheap and will make your next holiday by the water even more enjoyable.


Any mask costing more than £20 should be fine. We recommend that masks have two lenses rather than one because that makes them a bit stronger.

Good brands include Cressi and Subea. It is nice to try them on before you buy and you might want to go to Decathalon. Some users prefer to pay a bit more for clear silicone masks because they last a bit longer. You can also buy them from the BOA Shop.

You don’t need great eyesight to play underwater hockey but keen players or snorkellers can buy masks that take prescription lenses.

Pool fins – you just slip your foot into them

Typical costing £45 to £90 any pool fins will be fine. The most popular and cheapest are Mares Avanti Superchannel from Decathalon. You can also buy fins from the British Octopush Association Shop.


Snorkels are very simple and any one will do, expect to pay between £5 and £25. Some players prefer snorkels that have replaceable mouthpieces like diving regulators or vent valves at the bottom but these cost a little more. Decathlon do a nice range of snorkels or you can buy them from BOA Shop.

Hockey Kit

Hockey Sticks

Sticks are usually sold as a black and white pair. Expect to pay £30 to £50. They are basically just bits of plastic but players will have their personal preference for size and shape. Try different sticks in the pool and discuss them with other players before buying.

Lefties note that you will need to buy left handed sticks! Buy from the BOA Shop.

Protective Gear

Underwater Hockey is a meant to be a non-contact sport but when you have many people in the pool chasing the puck some collisions are inevitable. Players must use the correct protective equipment. The club can lead this to you until you buy your own.

Water Polo Cap

There is a small danger of being struck in the ears by someone’s fin. For this reason players must wear a water polo cap in black or white. You only need one but most players have two so they can play black or white (any number will do).

Protective glove

Players must wear a protective glove on their playing hand. The club provide orange nylon gloves (from Wickes) but you may prefer to make you own using lots of mastic or buy one from the BOA Shop. Expect to pay £30 to £50. Buy from the BOA Shop.


Players must fix a mouthguard to their snorkel to protect their pearly white teeth. The £3.50 ones work well enough. Buy from the BOA Shop.

Dive shops

There are many dive shops in London and one is sure to be close to you or on your commute (Ocean Leisure at Charing Cross is very convenient) worth a particular mention is Amphibian Sports which is only a couple of miles from Forest Hill Pools.

Here is a Google Map showing them all the dive shops in London. Simply click a marker to learn more about them. If you are planning a visit I recommend that you call them first and explain what you want and then they will ready to help you when you arrive.


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