Alan’s Boring Covid Blog:

I had a very runny nose, headache, and no energy.

I did a Covid-19 test; it was the first time I’d ever seen a positive result and didn’t quite believe it.

I reported my Covid test result to 111.  My phone then lit-up with loads of text messages telling me ‘I had Covid’.

Because I’m considered immunologically vulnerable, me having a Leukaemia, 111 arrange for a doctor to call me.  

The doctor arranged for me to get a Covid treatment in hospital.

It was explained to me that my immune system was suppressed, even though I’d had 4 jabs of vaccine.

An ambulance would collect me the next day and delivery me to St Thomas Hospital.

I was to wear a mask and go to the Covid Medicines Delivery Day unit. (CMDU) ground floor, St Thomas Hospital.

After a bad night of coughing and spluttering, I sat waiting for the ambulance to collect me.  It was an hour late and we had to collect another Covid patient. 

It was a good thing I hadn’t left it as the Covid showed no signs of going on its own accord and seemed to be getting worse.

The driver, Peter, was a local man, so I explained to him the pleasures of playing Under Water Hockey.

On arrival at the CMDU there were triple plastic flap doors to go through and hand sanitisers.  We all had masks on.

I was then subjected to another two Rapid Covid tests, which were both positive.  I would be given 500mg of Sotrovimab by IV-infusion. 

It would take 30 mins.  In reality the first two attempts failed, and we switched arms. Then moved to a private room; it all went in.  

We then switched to a flush through. That took another 15mins.

The youngest nurse there got me an NHS free-meal-deal:  sandwich, crisps, KitKat, orange juice, coffee, and a bottle of water.

I was told the transport had been called and they’d collect me in 10mins.  It was 1hour 10mins.

 Within 1 mile of my home, the other fellow patient shouted that she needed a toilet.  Our driver immediately turned off the road and pointed her towards a pub. 

I thought this little incident with the old lady said a lot about our driver’s compassion.  

That night’s sleep was a lot better, and I’ve been improving every day.

Should be well clear for hockey on Friday.