Friday 30th september 2022

Another good Friday evening workout. Very evenly matched sides picked by Elliot.

October is the end of our financial year. James tells me this year we are quids-in.

WE ARE IN THE BLACK, £7 to be precise. This is very good as at the start of the year we were going to close.


Next week we will be holding the ‘Player of the Year’ election.

This is for the person you think has contributed most to the Club.

That can be a faithful member, the most improved player. or just that he/she that bribed you the most.

I’m now fed-up with winning the old trophy every year, so I’m not going to count the secret voting papers.

It’s going to be a fair and transparent election this time …promise.  Putin is advising me on fair elections.


Our new trophy is being created as I type by an expert craftsman in a secret location in Sydenham.

The engraved trophy will be presented at a crowning ceremony, after the game and voting next week.

Expect a ‘Gala Presentation Ceremony’ 21:30 in reception!