Game Report 10/01/2014

Yesterday we had the most players I’ve ever seen here. 10 new members, enough players to get a real game going.

For a group of people who had never played before, even if all had snorkelled, it went swimmingly, with most people getting the hang of moving the puck within minutes.

We had a good game with people switching out although we may need to go over the rules next time: no grabbing! And do try not to stand on the puck while in play, it’s rather frustrating for the rest of the players.

Well done to all those who scored, blocked, tackled or even managed to hold their breath long enough to get down there. We’ll be doing passing practice and game awareness next week and it won’t be long before we are all playing proper games.

Anyway, that went better than we could have hoped and I hope you all turn up again next week.
Francesca Bayley