Match Report for 1st April 2022 & News

Good to report there were no drownings last night! 

I swapped over with Brian Saunders to even-up the sides and there was some GREAT play.

We had a new try-out member, Thomas, who literally through himself in at the deep end.

James did a good job with Thomas’s training as he scored two goals against me.

Next Friday is the last before Easter:   THERE IS NO HOCKEY ON GOOD FRIDAY (15th April 2022).

I’m then away for the following two Fridays 22nd -29th April.  Please would Jonathan collect our subs on 22nd April.

One of the great things on a Friday evening is to see all the red faces of the teams who’ve survived the work-out.

If anybody knows of a fit young people 10 – 13, that’s all we need to get a kid’s game going in the shallow end.

Alan Q