Match Report for Friday 6th January 2023.

We had the biggest turn-out-ever – 15 adult players! We might have to stop recruiting adult players…

Graeme had to move the tables in the clubhouse to fit us all in!

We had new recruit Arron. He picked up the game very quickly.

We think he is going to make a good player.

We also had a very competent new young player, Eve, who came with her top-player mother, Louisa.

If Eve comes next week, I’m going to suggest we make her Captain of the ‘Young Lewisham Hockey Team’.

She was also a very good instructor,  helping to train Arron.

Perhaps she could recruit some of her school mates.

We have some spare goals we could set up across the shallow end.

That’s if she accepts the idea.  It’s been hard to get a nexus of young players, so that they all get a good game.

See you all next week.