Match Report Friday 10th June 2022

James was unable to attend. We missed him. Nevertheless it was a very good game.

Some good passing and the score line was very even at 10-10.  But my team pulled away to win = 13-Black, 10-White.

Graeme was back from his holiday in the Canaries.  He told me of his turning the hotel swimming pool over to Hockey.

There was a perfect sized round stone for the puck, and he fashioned drift-wood-bats.

It sounded like a good use of those hotel pools. It could catch on!

As we were vacating the pool, I heard a young lady asking what we had been doing?

I immediately told her to Google Lewisham Under Water Hockey.

At the Clubhouse, Chan showed us her photos with the Queen.

I think the Queen, who seemed very attentive, asked her to form a new government

See you all next week..  Alan