Match Report Friday 25th February 2022, by Alan

An excellent turnout tonight.

Lots of goal scoring and some wild runs for the goal.

Brian Saunders picked sides, and perhaps my side having an OAP of 75 on it, we were soon 4 goals down.

I swapped with Graeme and it was more even.  The fast and furious game was wonderful!

We finishing the evening 10/11.  It’s great for me to see enthusiastic young players getting better every week.

I can’t sign off without mentioning Caroline’s funeral today.

The day before I’d met with Dominic and his wife over lunch at the Fortune Inn.

We’d walked down to Poetic Endings our local Undertakers.

We watched as members of Caroline’s family decorated her wicker coffin with green-leafed plants and flowers.

Then went to Canvas & Cream to discuss today’s funeral.

St Augustine’s Church did Caroline proud, with a wonderful service and tea afterwards.

Caroline would’ve loved it!