Match Repot Friday (21st Jan 2022) The year has got off to GREAT start.

Hi Hockey Team,
Friday-night’s hockey was a very good game indeed.
We had ‘a-new-to-us’ player called Yong.
He normally plays for Pool in Dorset and found us on the Net.
A good debate in the clubhouse meandered from science to world politics and relationships.
We’ve got the automated booking service working, but might have to close it if we get too crowded.
That said: our automated booking service had us expecting another new member called James.
But he failed to show.  Good news from our new member from last week:
She has another two free divers from her SCUBA-Club, who say they want to come try-out.
If they turn up we might have to close the books for January.
With Kind Regards
Alan Quarterman