News, AGM, Player of the Year Report: for 7th October 2022


Every member present cast their vote. No bribes were offered, so the best man won.

Our new POTY man shared his chocolate and his warm smile for the camera.

Two new female players! Both picked up the sport very quickly, and joined in with the main-game.

A very good match with some excellent goals.

Our top female players have been lured away by high paid job-offers, up-North.

So it will be good to have our new recruits in the team.

It was of cause the end of our financial year, so, time for the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Elliot made a proposal that we move to direct-debit-payments.

He suggested that if players paid monthly they should get a discount.

I personally think if you’ve already paid, you might be a bit more likely to attend,

even when you’re tired at the end of the week.

James will try and obviously succeed to set up an account.

James also took photos of our new top ‘Player of the Year’, being awarded his trophy.

I’m off on holiday next Friday.  Feel free to do a match report for next week.