Pool Fees, Match Report for Friday 25th March 2023. + Info for Easter

Hi Team,  Better warn you all first:

There’s no hockey on Easter Friday 6th April.  The pool closes at 18:00.

A very good game last night. Some really GREAT goals. Nice to see such a good turnout as well.

Good news: Clem is  thinking of arranging a match against another club… Watch this space.

We have some bad news for everybody:  The pool management have sent us a bombshell of an email.

They say due to inflation they are putting up our pool rental by 80% from 1st April.

I have sent an email to make sure they mean this year.

Also all the other users of the pool are getting only a 5% rise, though they have been paying the full price.

We have queried that as well and asked for a stay of eviction for at least 2 months.

During that 2 months we’ve asked for a meeting to discuss our quarterly contract.

We had no prior notice of this, and it’s going to be a big wrench if we have to find a new pool.

Is there a volunteer to be ‘Club Secretary’….?